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Cabal for NES front cover
Genre: Action
1989 Rare
Rating: 8

This game is awesome. Having every US released NES game I do not have time to play every game but this is one I am glad I decided to play! Thank you gameFAQS to making me pull this game off the shelf and put into the top loader. I do not think there is a story line for the game. I guess the only story is to kill as many people as you can as soon as you can!

The game is basically just an all out killing spree. You are a soldier and have to kill a certain amount of enemies before you move on to the next board. You get grenades and machine guns, wow does the machine gun ever mow people down!
Make sure you always get the grenades whenever you can because you will need them in the later stages.

Genre: Casino
1990 Virgin
Rating: 6

Boy, do I love gambling. One of the finest inventions of the man. What can be better than having a good time with friends or even strangers, while, hopefully, making some money during the process?
Gambling has been around since ancient times, and throughout history, has been improved in many different ways, of course. Quite possibly, the biggest achievement has to be the creation of casinos.
Now, people can play their favorite games, while also enjoying the various amenities these buildings have to offer (ranging from restaurants, hotels, shows, etc.). So, where am I going with this, you may be wondering? Casinos rule!! Thank God for them!!
Released Virgin Interactive, Caesars Palace tries to recreate the thrill and excitement of real casinos, so people can experience them, in the comfort and convenience of their own houses.

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California Games for NES front cover
Genre: Sports
1987 Epyx
Rating: 9

Hacky Sack, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Surfing, BMX, Frisbee. What more could you ask for than these 6 fine sports well maybe a little more out of a crappy game like this.

Here's the deal either gameplay would be good or it would suck but some how California Game was able to squeeze between the cracks and land a mix of both. Okay half the games suck and half are good, the sucky ones; Rollerblading, Surfing, Skateboarding. The good ones; BMX, Hacky Sack, Frisbee. Its plain to see that this game will appeal to a majority of gamers since if you don't like a couple of the games then you'll at least like the rest right? Anyways every game has easy controls but some are just annoyance to play in the first place so are to be avoided once you find out what I mean. I do remember that there was a California Game for the SNES which by the way is worse than this one so if you like this game stick to it cause it does have better gameplay.

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California Raisins - The Grape Escape for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1990 Calrab
Rating: 8

The California Raisins: The Grape Escape, was an unreleased NES game that was hyped up and then disappeared. It's a platformer and is slightly reminiscent of Megaman. You are a Raisin setting out to rescue the California Raisins from the Wild Bunch. You travel through 5 levels to rescue them, making this a relatively short game.

The graphics certainly were not groundbreaking, but I thought they suited the mood of the game. It set the stage for a generally cheery atmosphere, and it wasn't blocky, as many games tend to be on the NES. The enemy sprites were humorous and the scenery depicted the level description very well. Overall, the graphics were very good, but they weren't groundbreaking. I however thought the raisins' purple color was excessively bright. It should've been a much darker almost black purple.

Captain America and the Avengers for NES front cover
Genre: Action
1991 Data East
Rating: 10

Captain American and the Avengers had very colorful graphics for it's time. The outdoor areas were beautifully shaded, and the indoor areas were done very well. There are times when you will notice that the same areas are reused over again, just with different colors, but that's how thing were done during the NES time. The cartridges couldn't handle 15 different level layouts. Still, the game was very nicely done, in terms of graphics. The character sprites were also, very detailed.

Game Play: Captain America has a few extra moves that Hawk-Eye doesn't have. Hawk-eye has the ability to shoot over the entire screen at just about any angle needed. Captain America...does not. However, he has this sheild thingy that he throws and comes back to him... I think that counts for something. I'm not sure. I prefered playing Hawk-Eye a lot more than I liked playing Captain America. Mind you it's been about 15 years since I played the game, but I remember it being fun :)

Captain Planet and the Planeteers for NES front cover
Genre: Shooter
1990 TBS Productions
Rating: 8

Last week I was wandering, as I often do, through my local Funcoland's many used NES games. Searching for the obscure, the weird, and the unique, I often sit on the carpeted floor for hours as a time, sifting through Mario rehash over Mario rehash; only twice have I found games that fit my very discriminating tastes, and the likes of these great titles (Yo! Noid, and Captain Comic) were of an obscurity that I thought that I'd never experience again.

Like most things in life, I was wrong. That fateful Friday at the used video game store was a date that was to be remembered for years to come; this was the day that, despite my natural human urges to avoid games that cost less than a dollar, I became re-aquatinted with one of my favorite cartoon superheroes. Captain Planet was really my only friend during the more awkward years of my life, and, even when no one else was on my side, Captain Planet saw through my garish scars and lack of eyebrows, and was always waiting for me as soon as I got home from grade school.

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Captain Skyhawk for NES front cover
Genre: Shooter
1989 Rare
Rating: 8

As far as I can remember, I first saw this game at a friend's house eleven years ago. At first, everything looked a bit weird. But, after a while, I sort of got used to it. But, I never really got a chance to play this game until two years after, when I rented it. I played it a lot, though I only made it to the third or fourth level. Of course, I was eight years old back then, so it wasn't so easy for me back then.

Now, allow me to give you, the reader, some info on the game's makers, story, and concept. Captain Skyhawk was originally devised by Milton Bradley Company, and was programmed by Rare, Ltd. (which is one of the British state-of-the-art game developers today!) The story goes like this: you play Captain Skyhawk (duh!), who is sent on a nine-stage mission to thwart an alien invasion. To do so, he must destroy the four bases that drain the Earth's energy and send it to the mothership, shoot down enemy fighters for money, upgrade his jet, supply friendly bases, and rescue two scientists who are imprisoned in a force field.

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Casino Kid for NES front cover
Genre: Casino
1989 Sofel Corp
Rating: 6

Casino Kid is a game that was one of the only gambling games that I could honestly find on the Nintendo Entertainment System, that allowed you to gamble all day long through two different card games that were Poker and Blackjack. While there really was no story to the game, or even a plot to think about, your main goal in any casino game is to make plenty of money or go broke trying to do so! Aimed more at the mid-range gamers, there really isn’t much to the game other than learning the rules of two old card games and making plenty of virtual money in the process. Something that really caught me off guard is that there was actually a game that condoned gambling on the NES, and is was aimed for the market with plenty of childish visuals and some interesting sequences. If you’re into the gambling games, and you have an old NES lying around, then you may find this title to be right up your alley to sate your money grubbing needs. Aside from that, it’s a one player adventure, that has very little replay and in the end, it merely a party game to play when you have several people around and feel like gambling with the virtual cash!

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Castelian for NES front cover
Genre: Puzzle
1991 Triffix
Rating: 7

Castelian, a game that's been ported to almost a dozen systems but no one has ever heard of, was released on the NES back in 1991. The game has a very confusing history which started back in 1987. The game was originally called Nebulus and released on several home computers predominantly on the European front. When it was brought to the USA it was called Tower Toppler on personal computers and the Atari 7800. When it was brought to the NES and Game Boy it was renamed Castelian; it also had more names in other countries as well adding to the confusion. You play as a little green character whose name changes depending on the version and has to climb eight different cylindrical towers in order to detonate a bomb at the top and advance to the next stage. The game plays very similar to the final stage in Battletoads. When it was originally released on all of the personal computers it was met with critical acclaim and praised for it's brilliant programming of the cylindrical levels, a feat that was very hard to achieve on such limited hardware of the time.

Castle of Deceit for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1990 Bonch Games
Rating: 4

Among all the games at the NES, there are a few of them which are unlicensed. They didn't reach up to the quality standards Nintendo had in those times. Sometimes unlicensed games can be very nice, especially since they were often unlicensed because of "contents judged inappropriate for children" (i.e. it was a game with more mature, dark elements). But sometimes, unlicensed games can be so extremely bad. Castle Of Deceit is such a game.

The game starts up quite well, with a simple and nice background story similar to such old games. I won't complain about that one, because there are far better games out there that have worse stories. The contents are based upon wizards fighting demons in a skyhigh castle while trying to gather some runes. That works. However, what does not work is everything else in the game.


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