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B-Wings for NES front cover
Genre: Space Shooter
1986 Data East Corp
Rating: 5

2D shooters have always been a tricky bunch, especially when it came to the NES, a console littered with hard 2D shooter games, both vertical and horizontal, and whether you're controlling a person or a ship. In fact, it seems to me that the NES increased the difficulty of these games when compared to many arcade counterparts, specifically with games like Galaga, where all the patterns that you're familiar with in the arcade are all scrambled.

One game I remember playing a lot as a kid on an old 42 in one pirated NES cartridge was a game called B-Wings, which to my knowledge was only released in Japan. Sure it was an arcade game as well, but this version will be the one that I will always remember.

Baby Boomer for NES front cover
Genre: Shooter
1989 Color Dreams
Rating: 6

One day, little Baby Boomer escapes from his crib and heads off into the woods. He crawls obliviously into the unknown wilderness, only stopping when he sees a flower or two.
He moves from left to right, as snakes, rats and other creatures dive in to grab the kid. Your job is to shoot everything and anything to keep Boomer alive and happy. Oh, did I mention he always hungry? You have to remember to shoot the milk bottles too, or he screams in misery.
The ultimate goal is to get him home to Mommy Dearest, but it's a loooonnng way home. Sound... sound... sound.... Well... If you really like beeping and the *Ka-Ping!* of the gun, it's great!! Wonderful!! I need to start looking for the soundtrack sometime soon.
Graphics... a colourful game. That's all I can say. Really. Ugh.... *Has nightmares* ...NOOOOO~!!!! ....I... I'm.. AHHHHH!! ...I'm okay... *Twitch* Really... Stop looking at me like that.

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Back to the Future for NES front cover
Genre: Adventures
1985 Universal City Studios
Rating: 4

The Game is broken up into 4 sections (consisting of 4 levels and one final skill level for each) You start out WALKING through Hill Valley where all sorts of people seem to be waiting for you to make your journey more difficult. Yes, you START walking, but if you walk long enough without falling you will eventually find a bowling ball(that you have an endless supply of, good for throwing at bad guys). If you manage to stay standing long enough with the bowling ball, you may come across a skateboard (this will speed things up nicely).

The game screen scrolls down to make it seem like you are really walking fast leaving you to avoid obstacles such as a little girl hula hooping (did she just throw a rock at you?) some of Biff’s (your arch enemy) punks, crazy kamikaze-like birds and park benches. Contact with these things will make you fall and falling will make you lose your bowling ball and/or skateboard.

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Back to the future 2 for NES front cover
Genre: Adventures
1985 Universal City Studios
Rating: 5

Welcome to my review for Back to the Future II and III. This review will hopefully give you some idea of how good this game is. Here's the story.

You are Marty McFly. In the year 2015, your rival, Biff Hannen, got a sports almanac, stole the Doc's time machine, went back to the year 1955, and gave the book to his younger self. Using the information in this almanac, Biff was able to correctly predict every sports event, and thus became one of the richest men in the world by 1985. When Marty attempted to stop him, Biff scattered 30 objects through time and space. Marty would have to go to the respective time, using Doc's time machine, get the piece, and return it to its original place. Once all 30 objects are returned, Marty destroys the almanac. You can then move on to play sort of an extra game, Back to the Future III.

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Bad Dudes for NES front cover
Genre: Action
Rating: 8

Well, Bad Dudes certainly seems to have garnered a mixed reception on this site, as well as many others. While some thought it was a decent side scrolling beat em up, others thought it was the video game equivalent of walking down the street naked, set on fire, while being chased by a herd of buffallo and a city bus filled with horny nuns. Where do I think this game stands? Well, I don't consider it to be an all time classic, but I definitely believe it to be a nice alternative to the other side scrolling games out there.

Storyline - Apparently the Secret Service has been locked up in some basement playing Halo or something, because the President has been kidnapped, and of all the people that need to save him, it's none other than two street thugs with big muscles. Yup, I'd certainly leave world peace in their hands, too.

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Bad Street Brawler for NES front cover
Genre: Beat'em up
1989 Beam Software
Rating: 8

One of the longest-lived genres in video games is the sidescrolling beat 'em up game. Double Dragon was probably the most famous of the early games of that mold, but eventually the genre expanded to include such games as Final Fight, Bad Dudes, and games based on the ninja turtles and X-men. But the king of them all is...BAD STREET BRAWLER!!

No, I'm kidding. Bad Street Brawler is about ''Duke Davis, the world's coolest martial arts vigilante.'' He's a guy who wears sunglasses and runs around in his underwear beating up circus midgets and dogs. He's supposed to have this deep zen-like knowledge of fighting evil, as demonstrated by a cool quote at the beginning of each level where you get to hit a punching bag with that level's assortment of moves. But if Duke's such a cool vigilante I think he needs to remember to get dressed before he heads out to clean up the bad streets of the marauding gorillas and midgets.

Balloon Fight for NES front cover
Genre: Shooter
1984 Nintendo
Rating: 6

If you're any person who calls him or herself a retro gamer, chances are you've probably played the 1982 arcade classic plat forming game Joust, a family friendly game about wiping out an entire species of people just because they look different from you in every way. OK, it may not sound politically correct but who cares, it was just a fun little game from the golden age of arcade games, and because it was such a hit, many versions and clones of this game came out throughout the 80s and one of these games was the NES classic game Balloon Fight. However, Balloon Fight isn't just your average Joust game, in fact, I'm going out on a limb here and I'm just going to say that this game is better than Joust in every way imaginable.

Bandit Kings of Ancient China for NES front cover
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 8

Join history's greatest band of robbers - The Bandit Kings of the Song Empire! The year is 1101 and the evil minister Gao Qiu has seized all Imperial authority! The Emperor has one last chance to restore the glory of days past - a desperate gamble to find the last great hero in China! As a Bandit King, make allies and conquer territories. Watch out for typhoons, riots, epidemics, desertions and attacks from wild beasts. Enjoy festivals with your loyal band of heroes. Gain the support of the people and receive the benefits of their favor. But stay alert... in the end, who will be victorious? You or Gao Qiu?

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Barbie for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1991 High Tech Expressions
Rating: 3

The moment I laid my eyes on this cartridge when going through my collection of NES games, I was filled with disgust. I couldn't believe I had this game sitting next to my Mega Man games. At that time, I hated that game. Recently, I was thinking about games to sell and I considered this game. Then, I realized something. I never even played it. I hated a game I never even tried, simply because it was Barbie. That seemed like a dumb reason to hate a game, so I wanted to make sure my instincts were correct. I was wrong.

Yes, I like this game. No, I’m not kidding. Yes, I am ashamed. Although at first I was fairly unimpressed, the game won me over. The entire game is a combination of solid platform gameplay with interaction between helpers that can get you points and across the level. There is a lot of variety in game, as the levels can vary between degrees of platforming and clever puzzles that the helpers are used for. Even the bosses are original and fun, and they combine defense and offense very well for a merchandised game, even considering that the bosses included such monstrous entities like floating clothes or a jukebox. The game definitely gets better as it goes along. Although a minor gripe is that the levels near the end were much shorter than the beginning levels, they are just as, if not more, fun.

Barker Bill
Genre: Shooter
1991 Konami
Rating: 8

Barker Bill's Trick Shooting was released in August of 1990. This game used the Nintendo Zapper light gun to play one of four different arcade-style games: Balloon Saloon, Flying Saucers, Window Pains, and Fun Follies.

In Balloon Saloon, our trusted "friend", the Duck Hunt Dog, hides behind a large display. He sends balloons out, which you shoot. If you miss ten balloons, the game ends. Sometimes, a diamond will be hidden inside a balloon; if you shoot it, you will gain an extra chance. Occasionally, the Dog will pop up and look around. Be careful not to shoot him; if you do, it will count as a miss.

In Flying Saucers, Barker Bill and his assistant, Tricksie, toss dishes high into the air. Dishes shot closer to the ground give you more points, but if it breaks on the ground, it counts as a miss! The occasional parrot will appear and try to take off with a dish; shoot the dish before it flies away, or it'll count as a miss. Take care not to shoot the parrot though; if you do, it's a miss! Diamonds also appear in this game; shoot it to gain another chance.


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