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A Boy And His Blob for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1989 Absolute Entertainment
Rating: 7

Eeeek, a strange game, this one. When you first start it, it looks like you are back in the days that the Atari 2600 ruled the gaming scene ! Poor graphics, that is.
Okay, enough about the graphics, what about the gameplay ? Well, it's worse...
You are a guy that runs around with a Blob. When you feed this Blob with a special candy, it turns into an object. Sounds cool, eh? Well, it is, but only for 15 minutes....Then you get irritated with the Blob, and you'll do ANYTHING to get rid of the stupid thing.
Which makes the game at least a little bit funnier.

Poor gameplay, poor graphics, ain't worth to put into your NES. A 1 out of 5.

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Abadox for NES front cover
Genre: Space Shooter
1989 Natsume
Rating: 7

Abadox is one of those shooters that takes more brain than brawn. You have to bring some serious skill to the table for this one. The graphics and music are great for the Ol' NES. The Weapons are cool, if you select the right one to pick up.
In short, a cool game. But if I were you, I would bring some food and drink and a porta potty. You will be at this for awhile if you are a first time gamer.

Action 52 for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1991 Active
Rating: 1

Action 52 is a terrible unlicensed cartridge containing 52 terrible games, a bundle which retailed for $200. If you played each game for a week, it would be the worst year of your life.

As the name might suggest, this is a multicart containing 52   action-packed games. However, it has received much criticism for the   poor quality of its games, with some common errors and glitches between   the games being sprite flickering, poor controls, reusing engines and   the ending just being the player being sent back to level 1. Notably, it   also contains 17 space shooters, which is almost a third of the   cartridge.

The intro uses a PCM sample of Rob Base's "It Takes Two". One game, Fire Breathers, can only be played with two players and two other games, Alfredo and Jigsaw,   won't work on the majority of the cartridges that were released.  Numerous games crash or become unplayable when reaching a certain part   of the game; an example of this being Atmos Quake, which, due to a   glitch which messes up the level design of level 5, makes that level   impossible to complete.

Action in New York for NES front cover
Genre: Action
1991 Infogrames
Rating: 10

S.C.A.T. pays homage to Capcom's arcade classic Forgotten Worlds, featuring two flying soldiers and simultaneous gameplay. Although you can only fire forward and backward, you have little orbs that can be positioned to shoot in any direction. Although there are only four stages, each level is fairly long, although they have a tendency to feel a bit drawn out.

The American version was published by Natsume, while it was released under the title Action in New York by Infogrames in Europe. The Japanese version, Final Mission, has quite a number of differences. First off, it's much harder - instead of beginning with six life bars, you only have three. The orbs control differently as well - you can either command them to be stationary, or they rotate in the direction you're moving in, instead of cycling automatically. The map screen and character select are gone altogether, and the voice in the beginning is completely unintelligible. It definitely seems like we got the good end of the deal on this one. Also, although technically unrelated, The 2008 Xbox 360 shooter Omega Five, also developed by Natsume, bears a slight reseblance to S.C.A.T.

Addams Family for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1991 Ocean
Rating: 9

They're kooky and they're spooky, and the infamous scary family have their own platform game on the NES. Your Gomez, and you go throughout your house collecting items, money, and your family members, to save the house and the family from being evicted. You go through different rooms of the house dodging obstacles and enemies.

Graphics: I wouldn't call them bad, but at the same time, considering this game came out later in the old Nintendo's life, and the graphics look like something you could literally draw on Paint, it's a bit on the downside. The graphics are good enough for a fun Nintendo game, albeit a tad bit cheesy.

Play Control: You jump over things and that's about it. A normal platform game, with an Addams Family theme, where you dodge things. So it's not bad, but granted, it may be a bit tricky without some experience, due to a lot of dodging in the game.

Game Design: I actually really liked it. It's not the most original game out there perhaps, but it's pretty enjoyable. You go through themed rooms like a furnace, crypt, ballroom, etc., with appropriate obstacles, in order to save somebody or get an item to solve a little puzzle. It's a fun concept and an enjoyable game.

Satisfaction: I give it a thumbs up. Partially because of fun memories of playing it as a child, and how I cheated using save states, but I enjoyed it. If you know what your doing and don't die a whole bunch, I felt it was a fun little game to play.

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Dragon Strike for NES front cover
Genre: Adventures
1992 SSII
Rating: 4

Wicked dragonarmies threaten the good people of Ansalon. There's only one defense... fight dragons with dragons! Command your winged warrior to fly off and challenge enemy beasts in a tooth-and-claw battle high above Krynn. It's awesome airborne fantasy action in the AD&D game tradition!

Engage in exciting dragon-to-dragon combat. Control breathtaking on-screen airborne battles. Choose from three types of dragons: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Attack with potent breath weapons like paralyzing gas, lightning and fireballs. Fly at your choice of two altitudes. Play alone or against an opponent!

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Hillsfar for NES front cover
Genre: RPG
1992 SSI
Rating: 4

Direct your charger into the walled city of Hillsfar for fast battle action and challenging fantasy adventure! Hillsfar has been invaded by Maalthir, the self-proclaimed First Lord, who rules the region with his powerful magic and his ruthless guards, the Red Plumes. In the AD&D game tradition, you must make many choices in the roles you play. Each profession has its own missions. Intelligence must guide your characters with dexterity and charm to battle minotaurs, orcs and armed guards; test your skills in the gladiators' colliseum or archery range.

Based on an internationally-known PC game. Exciting on-screen action in the AD&D game tradition. Players create and name human and non-human characters with choice of gender, race and skills!

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Pool of Radiance for NES front cover
Genre: Action
1991 SSI
Rating: 7

I love NES games. I love them to death. Play my NES a lot more than my PS2. One day I was rummaging through a discount bin at the local used game dealer and found ''Pool of Radiance''. It has $1.50, looked interesting so I thought, ''What the hell?'' and bought it. After playing for 30 seconds I got lost and frustrated. I didn't play it again until I gave it another chance a few weeks later. After getting the hang of the first person navigation and learning how to use the menu system, I got hooked.

The battle system in this game puts shame to most modern RPGs. The amount you can do, the depth of strategy, everything... its incredible! You can navigate in First Person or with an over heard map of the area. I switch back and forth so I don't get lost. The game uses a class system. You create characters and they enter the game world and you may use them. They are generic classes like Fighters, Clerks, Mages, etc. Also characters have races and alignments. Different races between classes (i.e. an Elf Magic user and a Human Magic user) have different advantages and limitations. Alignment is the character's personality. The alignment of a character has different effects in the game world. For example, some weapons have spiritual alignment, meaning an evil sword can only be used by an evil person.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon Lance for NES front cover
Genre: RPG
1990 FCI
Rating: 4

HOTL is rated one of the worst video games ever made. I disagree with this - I have played worse. I really have no idea why people think this game is that bad. Sure, it isn't a masterpiece, but trust me, I have played worst.

I really don't know when HOTL was released. I never bother to check the title screen for some reason (I guess I was too excited to play the game...just kidding...) When get past the title screen, you enter the wonderful world of HOTL...

Let's start with the graphics: the graphics, for the most part, are bad. Some of the backgrounds, however, are very nice. Each character looks different, which is a good thing. The portraits of the characters are pretty good, too. This game is missing a lot of color. Everything seems so dull and boring. But, for the most part, you can always tell where you are on the screen and where the enemies are.

The music, to me, is actually pretty addictive, but it seems to get annoying after a while. For those who complain about this, remember, there is something on the television called ''Volume Control'' which allows you to turn down the amount of noise coming out of your television speaker. Put some music you like in your CD player or something and you won't complain anymore. As for sound effects....HOTL attempts to add voices....and they aren't that great....but they are pretty funny to listen to!

Adventure Island for NES front cover
Genre: Platformer
1987 Hudson Soft
Rating: 6

The game is ok if you want to have a good time for a while, but it becomes monotonous as all the stages are practically the same!! Besides, it isn't worth to play till the end, the final is too plain. Just play the first four stages and then forget the game because there's nothing new to see after them. A bad copy of Wonderboy, released in Sega. Much better Adventure Island 2


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